Urgency is a vintage and ethically curated brand, sourced in California. I started this as a passion project with the desire to find unique, well-priced items that challenge fast fashion. Urgency is inspired by my personal style, while staying relevant to current trends. Years in the making, I am excited to be able to source, curate, and provide a forward space of clothing for like-minded creatives.

Alyssa Monét Kuri-Valiatti, Founder  


Pre Order : 

We usually order limited quantities to avoid waste and excess stock. Good news! We source our items in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, so you will receive your pre-ordered items in 2 weeks or less - if not informed otherwise. If an item or your size is sold out, please choose to pre-order and we will place an order with our manufacturers asap. With any questions about this, please email us at info@urgencystore.com 


Where are the pieces sourced? Are you ethical? Sustainable?

Our pieces are sourced in the USA, with most items being sourced in Los Angeles, California. We cannot claim to use being fully sustainable as not all of our fabrics are 100% sustainably created and made. However, we are 100% ethical, and only purchase from manufacturers with incredible working conditions, fair wages, and from the United States. We do our very best effort to be as sustainable as possible in the aspects that are in our control. For example, our packaging, work process, tools, etc. We also carry vintage clothing which is a fully sustainable option.

With this said - we would love to hear from you! If there is anywhere you would like to see us improve on, please send an email to info@urgencystore.com 


Working with Urgency 

If you want to collaborate with Urgency, email info@urgencystore.com


Returns & Exchanges 

With vintage pieces, there are no returns or exchanges. However with any brands carried on our website, we do offer exchanges for a different size. We will accept a return if the item is in pristine condition, and has never been worn. This policy is case by case due to us being a small and sustainable business. If you need to file a complaint, return, or exchange: please email us at info@urgencystore.com 


With any further issues or concerns, contact info@urgencystore.com